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Yesterday, my left-hand blinker went into overdrive. Blinking at least twice as fast as it should.

Here's what I know that might be relevant:

All bulbs work.

Every once in a while the turn signal lever hangs up when turning it on for a left hand turn. Actually hasn't been doing it lately.

Had new flasher put in a few weeks ago. Emergencies had been coming on by themselves. Will also put in rebuilt climate control display next week.

Immediately before the problem started, I had a paintless dent removal guy here working on the car (really interesting and effective BTW). While working on the opposite corner (right side), he removed the blinker light module to make a repair. To my knowledge, he didn't take out the left side module.

Any ideas?

Thanks Norm

PS: The car is really coming along. Will post pics when I'm finished. I love the car, but I must admit that I am a bit frightened of the electrical system.
possibly the relay located on passenger side. But make sure the bulbs are seated properly, no corrosion. The rear bulbs are dual filament one may be out
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