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This tab was not original on 66-67 Duetto's (1600 Spider Veloce)105.03
Avoiding the confusion of model year ... it is found on these Roundtails:
105.57 EURO
105.62 USA
105.91 Spider Junior

The glove box was originally molded from a Polystyrene plastic. The interior surface was coated with a black flocking (mouse fur).
An exterior wrap of GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic mat can be used to strengthen the glove box. Epoxy resin rather than Polyester will result in a better bond with the original glove box material.

The leather pull tab for the 69's from Reoriginals is the one I've installed. It looks good, wasn't too expensive and seems to be holding up. Shouldn't be hard to cut one out if you prefer, especially with the photos and dimensions from Flivesay (Frank).

Eastwood sells a great kit to reflock the interior of the glove box. It's REALLY messy, but works very well. Makes the interior of the glove box look like new.



1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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