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for Future Reference

Anyone know if these tabs also came on the 66-67 Duettos?
I believe they are only on the 1750s--
This tab was not original on 66-67 Duetto's (1600 Spider Veloce)105.03
Avoiding the confusion of model year ... it is found on these Roundtails:
105.57 EURO
105.62 USA
105.91 Spider Junior

And I have to fix the glove box also it has two bad cracks . Anyone fix one before? I was thinking fiberglass ???
The glove box was originally molded from a Polystyrene plastic. The interior surface was coated with a black flocking (mouse fur).
An exterior wrap of GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic mat can be used to strengthen the glove box. Epoxy resin rather than Polyester will result in a better bond with the original glove box material.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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