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Le Alfa Romero di Vittorio Jano. by Angelo Tito Anselmi and Valerio Moretti. With commentary by Luigi Fusi, Enzo Ferrari, and Griffith Borgenson. First Edition, Autocritica, 1982. Near Fine in Very Good+ Dustjacket. Text in Italian. Rare and when you do a price search online they are offered between 500-1000 bucks - i'm pricing my copy to sell fast and ONLY to finance restoration of my alfa otherwise I'd be keeping this beautiful picture filled book. You need not know italian to enjoy tons of historic pictures. offers off ebay welcome....just posted:

Le Alfa Romeo Di Vittorio Jano Fusi Enzo Ferrari Borgeson Amazing Book 1982 | eBay

Vittorio Jano, automobile designer of high performance, is the man who more than any other helped to define the vocation of Alfa Romeo and marked its glorious future.

Called from Alfa Romeo in 1923 contributed to the design of cars that have drawn an indelible groove in automotive history. Among these, its realization perhaps more important, for the industrial development of the brand, is the 6C 1500, a fast car and light that showed the ability to mass-produce efficient vehicles with engines of high performance and small displacement.

If this brand, which has become legend, still run the streets of the world, is due to the heart and to the insights of Vittorio Jano and collobaration of those, like him, maybe unacknowledged, participated in making concrete many technical assumptions. A legend claims made ??for unforgettable sport cars that represent a limit hardly surmountable in the automotive technology. Without Jano and his team there would be no the type P2 Grand Prix, neither the first World Championship and probably even many of the later, but there would have not been Alfa cars as we know today.

This large volume includes a general catalog of all the cars designed by Vittorio Jano until 1938, the year of his removal from Alfa Romeo, enhanced by beautiful archive images, reproductions of original drawings and technical data sheets.

The book opens with an essay by Luigi Fusi, who has worked with Jano as designer and planner and one of the greatest historians of Alfa Romeo,followed by an interview released in the summer of 1964 to Vittorio Jano, by the American journalist and historian Griffith Borgeson.


Prefazione di Ettore Massacesi

Il mio maestro Vittorio Jano di Luigi Fusi

Vittorio Jano: l'uomo che io ho conosciuto conversazione con Enzo Ferrari

Le grandi corse della P2

L'ultima intervista di Vittorio Jano a cura di Griffith Borgeson

Le Alfa di Vittorio Jano: catalogo generale

Tipo P2 1924 - 1925

I tipi 6C 1500

I tipi 6C 1750 e 6C 1900

Tipo P2 1930

I tipi 8C 2300

Il tipo 8C 2300 Monza

Il tipo 8C 2300 Le Mans

Il tipo A monoposto bimotore Gran Premio

Il tipo B monoposto Gran Premio

I tipi 6C 2300 e 6C 2300 B

I tipi 8c 2900

Il tipo C 8C monoposto Gran Premio

Il tipo C 12C monoposto Gran Premio

Il tipo 12C monoposto Gran Premio

Vittorio Jano: cenno biografico
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