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Lauren's Alfa(s) and collection

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Interesting program tonight on the Discovery Channel (between 8-9pm EST) :cool:. It featured R. Lauren's 8C 2900 and its winning path to Pebble Beach. I only saw the last 15 or so minutes, but I'm sure it will be rerun. Will have to check the Discovery Channel website to see a schedule. Anyhow, its worth a look. Now back to your regularly scheduled program....
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Caught it just as i came in from working on the GTV6. Made the dash swap i was so proud of moments ago seem worthless.:rolleyes:

So you won't be taking the GTV6 to Pebble Beach this year...??? Anyhow, saw the 2900 at Goodwood 2 years ago, got real "up close and personal" with the car. I imagine it wasn't as buffed out for Goodwood as it was for PB, looked like they hadn't detailed it from it trips around the course etc. Nonetheless, you probably wouldn't be upset with it if it wheeled into your garage....
So you won't be taking the GTV6 to Pebble Beach this year...???
Not this year, she isn't ready. Just wait for the Alfetta Sedan in a year or two, we are going for best in show:D
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