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Here's the last of the 1991 Spider parts. If you need any, please send me a reasonable offer + shipping and they're yours. A significant - if not all - proceeds will be donated to the Alfa BB. Thanks - Dickson

List + some pictures:
Brake Pedal sensor
AC dryer can
Speedo Cable
Intake support
Mirror bracket
speaker panel
accellerator + linkage
Driver's door hinge
gas cap door
dipstick tube
hood release
trunk release
cigarette lighter
hood, glovebox, or trunk light
interior trim panel - passenger side
Block / pistons & rods / crank / caps
Oil pan
Oil pressure sensor
Door sensor switches


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Sorry I could not get back sooner. Yes I need the cig lighter and the reciever if you have it. What is price and do you take paypal? PM me. Thanks
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