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Laguna Seca 5/03 CAPTION THIS!

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I have plenty of pics to post, but this one needs a good caption


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Faster boys! I think they're gaining on me!

"OK boys when I say when give me a good shove off and I should be able to shave 1/2 a second from my lap time"
"Ward & Deane springs, four hundred bucks,
Koni shocks, six hundred bucks,
Ingram tuned Spica pump, a thousand bucks,
Crossing the finish line with your competition behind you ... priceless!"

(dollar values fictional)
Horsepower? Manpower? It's all the same, right?
That must be one HEAVY spider. You can usually push them with 2 people max. Unless the angle is deceptive and they are going up hill...
It's called power-to-weight-ratio, bud.
The spider is gutted but the driver is a 200 lbs+. Try push starting a higher compression engine on a small grade, the more help is always welcome.

"o.k. you guys push and I'll jump out just before the cliff!"
"It will start! Just keep pushing damnit!"
OK boys! At the top of the CorkScrew everyone hop in and say Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
"One more push and I think we can make a lap record!"
"they just couldn't get under the sound meter so they decided to push the car around"
Funny thing is, he's adjusting his rearview mirror to see if anybodys gaining on him.
The sun was shinning in my eyes and blinding me but it looks like I'm adjusting it doesn't it.
What a rough crowd!!!!!!!

As we would say in Mexico: Acelérale tres veces y le sueltas! (Anthony, do you get this?)

Good luck next time……
:confused: :) :confused: :)
Accelerate three time and then let go.

Is there any other meaning to this?
Another Caption

Hurry guys, I see Sniady in my mirror!
"oh oh, I see the schleemak comming guy's! Push Push, faster guys! Come on! COME ON!!!!!!!"


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