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L-jet to LH-jet?

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been slow at work, i keep hearing about the complants here about l-jet' drinking air thru a straw'.. so got to work at it,, trusty bosch parts book in hand.....well came up with this...85-87 saab 9000 or 83-88 volvo 240 cars, thes cars have lh-jet on them, looked on over at the wrecker today,,,, looks easy to change a few parts ove, ecu, wire harnes(might need 2 to leanthen it out some for the alfa) idle system, the throttle body we can keep, the injectors?? got on at home now, going to test them imp. of the injector to see if is diff. from the injector on my 84 car...i have 2 wire diagrams of both cars, looks to be very easy to change out my system to the volvo system, and at a cost of about $75.00 at local u-pull it..
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check the restance of the injectors.
the barb type is Lo-Z
the rail type like in the 164 are Hi-Z
and the next question is it reprogramable ?
No, only analog stuff. Better to change to a Motronic with a hotfilm or thread AFM.
Anybody got a good source for converting that pass-through style MAS sensor tube hot-wire/hot-film signal back to analog?
Split second has it, but it's more expensive than an entire Gotech system. I consider this whole idea is pretty impractical from a cost vs benfit standpoint. That AFM is not as big a restriction as you think.
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