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Previously posted about "no start" L-Jet. Got it running, but the ghost continues to move around.

At present, after fresh injectors, cleaned tank, fresh fuel, two new fuel pumps, new fuel pump relay, new fuel pressure regulator, new fuel lines and filter, new cold start valve, new battery, and a variety of less significant clean ups and replacements....

You can crank and crank and it won't fire. Stop cranking and start cranking again immediately and it will start and run fine. It will start immediately if we prime it manually. We have tested with Noid light, and injectors are not firing during initial crank. It did the no-start on first cranking, starting on second cranking about 6 times in a row. Replaced ECU with used unit. Nearly same symptoms, except it required two times cranking with no start, then started on third crank.

Problem pretty much seems to be that the injectors are not being fired during the initial cranking process, but for some reason cranking once, then stop, then re-try gets them going. If we turn off the engine and attempt an immediate re-start, it still requires the cranking - off - retry cranking before it will fire.



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