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Attention Alfisti: it's time once again for Santa Monica Sports Car Club's First Friday Niter road rally. Our next event is July 1st, and what better way to kick off your long holiday weekend than with an exciting drive through the Santa Monica Mountains? This month's rally will include sections of Old Topanga, Decker, and PCH, ending in Camarillo.

This is a time-speed-distance rally (not a race) that will challenge your driving precision, navigational skills, and mental agility. No previous experience or special equipment is required to compete; all you need is a navigator, a flashlight, a pen/pencil, and a watch that can be synchronized with official rally time.

Trophies will be awarded to top finishers in all classes. Novices compete in their own special class, so first-timers don't need to worry about getting killed by the veteran teams. Also, SMSCC offers "club" trophies when we get five or more cars from any given marque, so if you're part of a regular get-together group, come on out for a little low-key competition with your friends!

Rallies start at the Bank of America rear parking lot in Mission Hills, corner of Devonshire and Sepulveda. Registration opens at 7 p.m., with a beginners' meeting at 7:40 (if it's your first time, plan on arriving early). First car is off at 8:01 p.m., with cars departing at one-minute intervals.

Entry fees are $10 per car for SCCA members. Not a member? You can purchase a weekend membership at the event for $8 per car.

For more info:

Any questions? Post 'em here or PM me. Hope to see you there!
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