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Hi fellow Alfisti I have a question about bumpstops and shock boots for my 87 Milano. Here is a pic of the new Koni Yellow shock along side the bumpstop/boot, shock and associated hardware from the stock setup.

My questions are:

1. Do I need the bumpstop/boots on the Konis (I assume yes)?
2. If yes to #1, how do I fit them? Investigating the amount of thread on the Koni shock rod it seems like I'd have to trim them up a bit to fit over the welded "bulge" collar on the Koni shock. In other words shorten the bumpstop part.
3. For the top cap, would it just slide over the bumpstop/boot, essentially trapped in place once I install everything? I had to tap it a bit with a hammer for it to let go of the old shock.



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No pics I can find at 6 am but yes that looks as I remember. I found sliding the bumpstop thingy over the humpy part of the shock rod to be somewhat difficult but with some silicone or some other non detrimental product it was good to go. There was no need to trim anything.

I have found that on the top threaded end of the rod I had to recheck my double nuttin as they came loose on the pass side after a few thousand KM's. I think I might have left it loose in my haste....FWIW, Moundawg recommended soft for the setting and I followed. I love these things. ciao chris
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