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There have been a few comments recently supporting the suggestion that the Koni engineers probably knew what they were doing. You gotta kinda believe that is the case.
That is, they engineered the damper valving to suit the vehicle application, with the springs the manufacturer was installing.
Stiffen the springs? adjust the dampers up.
Damping decreases over time thru wear? adjust the dampers up.
Like it stiffer? go nuts. And there's no harm experimenting to see what you just may not actually 'work' better.
Want them to work as the engineers thought they should, on standard springs...softest is where you start.
Of course, for a lot of years, I never did that myself, so I won't point fingers at anybody who does otherwise.
For the original poster (Peakay, if you're still by chance chewing your nails on this) the advice you got seems sound, but won't go off the road backwards into a ditch by ignoring's a relatively small variation from stock you have there. Why not try it and see what you think?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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