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Key barrel spring and lock washer

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I have recently bought a 1982 European Alfa Romeo Spider coda tronca, and after disassembling the door to check malfunctioning of the handle and lock, I noticed that there were a couple of pieces missing, and from what I have seen in the diagrams from parts dealers, they are not available.

The pieces in question are the spring and washer that go in the extreme of the barrel, and the bar that connects those parts to the door aperture mechanism.

Do anyone know if it is possible to buy them, or build them?

Kind regards,


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Since you have the doors off, look down inside the bottom of the door...the parts may have fallen down in there, as a likely scenario in that the disk that screws into the lock barrel with a screw vibrated loose and fell into the door.

If you can't find the missing pieces, there are a number of Alfa Romeo junkyards around who may be able to help, such as Alfa Parts Exchange.

You can buy new keyed lock barrels from a number of sources.
Thank you for the information. Regrettably, the pieces weren't there, and a cheap repair was in its place...and the keyed lock barrels don't include the spring and washer...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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