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Just turned down a 166

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I have accepted a cash offer for my 2003 FIAT Stilo that I decided to sell. I had entered into discussion of a swap with the seller of this Alfa Romeo 166:

I heard nothing for several days, so went ahead with the offer from my Stilo buyer (less than my asking price). How typical then that I finally heard back from the 166 seller: "still interested in a swap?" I asked what his sale price would be, and ironically it was exactly the same as what I'm getting for my Stilo.

It was therefore a tricky decision not to go ahead and buy the 166. I've decided instead to keep my money in the bank and spend a little on my 164 project instead. Although the 166 would be lovely, I don't think it will do anything for me that the 164 can't, apart from looking a bit more modern.

I originally bought the Stilo anticipating high mileages (meeting clients) and this didn't eventuate; instead I have a regular monthly contract with a company I know close-by. The Stilo has lost a lot of value and there are many possible electronic gremlins to haunt its future. I feel a lot more confident with the 164, plus it's nicer to drive. Not sure what I'm missing out on with the 166, really. It would be interesting if anyone feels strongly enough about it to comment here :)

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I understand your decision to stick with your 164 project, they are wonderful cars. Plus, the 166 is an automatic--not as fun.

That being said, the 166 is also gorgeous, and we here in the states can only dream about even having the choice of ownership.
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