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Just replaced my heater valve

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Since 2004, I have been manually closing my heater valve each spring and opening it each fall as the cable from the control knob wouldn't do it due to corrosion in the valve.
Well the valve finally failed, with the lever going into the freespool mode and the valve stuck in the open position. The A/C works in this car, but not nearly as well as the heater!
After a search on the BB, I got the NAPA 660-1271 valve and replaced it without removing the dash. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being competely suckoid) this job was a 17.
You need to remove the front seat and the steering shroud. I cut the L-shaped hose and had a coolant gusher-about 2 quarts. I was ready with some old towels and a 9x12 baking dish in place, so the mess was minimal.
The other side of the valve is connected to the heater box by an extremely short hose with fiendishly inaccessable hose clamps. I got 'em, but my lower lip was starting to quiver pretty bad.
I used a generic hose of the correct diameter that had the bend-cut a piece to replace the short hose and cut the bend section to fit.
This is not a job for an arthritic old man. Plus, most of the work under the dash was inside my field of vision. It's done now, and I have working climate controls, and a frosty beverage!
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I feel for you. Just by looking st the location of that thing, it makes me cringe. I only use the valve when i really need it to avoid ever having to do this job.

had to replace the clutch MC last winter, and it was gruesome as well. I really hate under dash work...but its all patience.
If I had one that works I'd use it like a mad dog! I think, no, I know that they crap out because of mineral/crystal build up. This is also caused by idiots using mostly water in the coolant system. Mine was rusty and nozzle from engine was half eaten.
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