BradCo in conjunction with AWS is excited to announce the release of our plug and play modern fuse buss with (12) fuses that fits perfectly in the factory position. This eliminates the universally hated bullet fuses and one of the most common sources for electrical failure!

The kit includes a custom made professional PCB, fuse holders and spades in a 3D printed housing (ABS). Installation requires no modifications to the harness and should take all of 15 minutes to install (ok, realistically an hour).

The additional two fuses are wired to accept the fuel pump and fog light fuses normally housed in the secondary fuse buss. Or you could retain the secondary buss and use these for other accessories.

Production will start in roughly a month and priced are $350. However, we are offering an early bird price of $299 for orders placed in the month of January.

PM me to order yours now.