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just for you guys

1062 Views 6 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  bianchi2 the south sacramento u-pull-it..there is a silver milano there..2.5 liter, cloth int. the car is intact..
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Hmm, I will be taking a trip down there tuesday to get some stuff. :)
only wish i was in snap up the transaxle..if for nothing else "spare parts.....
If its where I think it is, it would only cost $75 for the transaxle too. lol
I went and ooed at it today, its pretty nasty but I pulled a few parts. If anyone is thinking about driving down there, the whole front of the car is trashed, so dont expect and good front clip parts. The engine has alot of water in the oil, so its probably fubar too. Some of the interior is still good, it has a good red trunk lid, and most of the suspension is there. Other than that, there isnt much on it thats work the trip ( I did get most of what i went there looking for though. :) )
This is at the Pick & Pull on Stockton Blvd? I'm gonna see if I can grab a couple needed items....

1. Handbrake assembly (mostly the lever, I think)
2. Rear taillight bulb holder thingies
3. Headliner board if it isn't wrecked - I'll recover it, but I'd like a spare so I can get it prepped & swap in one day
yes it is on stockton blvd.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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