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Just bought an SZ

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Per title - any other owners in Switzerland, Zurich area ?
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Was just thinking that we never have any SZ owners on the forum. Glad to have you along. I remember when these were shown at the Chicago auto show in 1990. We went for the world introduction of the Diablo and this was the other most memorable car there. Would love to see some pictures of yours if you have a chance.

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I will definitely agree with mark,
I am glad that we have an sz owner here with us
We welcome you and hope to see some "sick" pictures of the interior and exterior as well !
Greetings from Greece
There is one in Culver City, CA under a tarp. Secret SZ
I saw one for sale at a garage in southern CT during a caffeine and cars show. Looked cool. There's a car you never see.
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