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Just another new Owner

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I have been a member of Alfa BB for a while and thanks to the "BB" I have been able to make repairs on my 164LS myself, again with great help from this forum.

Now I just purchased a 1991 (white/Tan) Alfa Spider and I wanted to introduce it (and me) to the community. I love it but it needs a few things and I have a few questions.

1.) I need a new trunk release cable and is it hard to replace?

2.) Power windows switches - are there multiple sources? Do these break often, just curious?

3.) Dash lights are out - is this common and if there is a thread I haven't searched for it yet and I will.

Here is an attachment!


John D. Nicosia

164LS Black
1991 Spider White
1970 Fiat 124 yellow (Resto in process)

1991 164 Base
1987 X19 (Fiat)
1984 308 GTS QV silver
1970 Fiat Dino Coupe


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Prit-ty :)

Dunno on the specifics for the switches (though I believe they are available through the regular suspects) or trunk release (unless it has that access hole under the bumper to actually get the thing open like the S3 anyway, in which case a search will yeild you instructions and pix)

On the dash lights, have you tried turning up the reostat/dimmer switch? (down by your right knee on the bolster IIRC)
Congrats on your purchase, John!

The cable is not hard to replace, you just have to be careful when undoing things. The vinyl covered piece where the release is embedded in will break if you pull on it hard. (It will also break if you screw it back too tight.) Same advice about being careful if you end up pulling the rear interior compartment carpet and trunk carpet. Do not tear the carpet from it's vinyl attachment under the molding in the trunk. The cable may have to go through some goo, which Alfa often used to seal entry ways. All of this is just more tedious than difficult, and you can certainly do it yourself. (I'm sure you've gotten a flavor of this working on your 164... The Spider is simpler and easier for sure.)

You should check the usual suppliers for the switches, although I will say that most of the time cleaning them (inside) with an electrical cleaner will have them operating as new, and your windows will go up and down quickly.

Not sure on the lights, but I'm sure others will chime in... Have you checked the fuses and fuse box?

Best regards,
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congrats on your new Spider...she looks nice! Not sure about a '91, and I may be way off base here, but my 67 has a switch for the dash lights....
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