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Junkyard Alfas in Portand Or

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If anyone is looking for some alfetta or berlina parts, there are two alfettas and one berlina in the PicknPull in north Portland.

The cars are fairly complete, and the seats in the berlina look to be almost perfect in black vinyl. Front and rear looked to be great.

I did notice two of them had sure starts, and one had a working TA! I know this because I just tested it. Figured worst case I paid 7 bucks for a core.

And there looks to be several sets of 14 "wheels that could be refinished.

This is just my version of a public service announcement!
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are any of the wheel 14x7? for the 105 cars??

ive been looking for a period correct set seemingly forever
How were the floor panels and body on the Berlina?
There was a set of turbinas, and the stock steelie looking wheels. Sorry for no pictures, but I have a stone age phone without a camera.

The body on the Berlina looked pretty good. I don't know about the floor pans since there was still carpet in there, but I can tell you the left rear footwell was holding a nice puddle of water. I think the Berlina had '77 written on it, but I don't know if that was correct or not.
Aha! It was you who beat me! I saw them on Tuesday, went back on Sunday to look for parts... and came away pretty empty handed. But had a great time in the process.

They were all pretty far gone. One hadn't been registered since 1995 and looked it.

The worst:

Yellow '77 Coupe:

Green (formerly silver) '76 GTV. I saved the GTV vents off the back. Amazingly the hatch was almost completely rotted, but the window trim was near perfect. The value of stainless!

'76? Alfetta Sedan with good black seats, no tears!

Most of my find:

All three still have intact drivetrains, but all interiors are pretty rough, and everything is rusty.

Happy hunting!
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was out there today and...there ROUGH..but the fetta sedan the interior was almost showrooom..the carpet actualy looked new?!?!?!?

the cars are amazingly complete and the floor pans seemed to be about the only solid metal on the cars..the sedan being in the best overall condition and with the least amount of cancer on the outside......i crawled under them all and had a look for those needing patch panels..the worst looking one even had solid floors but the front frame rails on it were GONE!!!!!

if someone needs parts even the 3 transaxles and engines are hurry on them..that wrecker has lately been shuffling cars out in 3-4 weeks from date of entry
If anyone is going back out, I'd be interested in the grill on the blue? coupe. By the picture, can't tell if it is all there (sides?) nor the shape, but maybe we could work out something.
i wont be back out....i grabbed what id hoped was there...both the gt's as bad as they were the tail lights looked REALLY BAD..but were almost flawless aged lightly but not broken..a couple of chips only on 2 out of 8 lenses..they pretty well fell out of them..side handles and interior handles will help me and a friend fix ours.....if i knew someone with a sedan id have grabbed its taillights as well as they were 100% perfect
I was there today, for the sedan.

The sedan taillights are now gone, as are the windshield (thank you, thank you, thank you...), headlights, sure-start, dash vents, instrument pod, and some of the switches. The interior is pretty much a write-off unless you like mold.
The dash has no cracks at all, and if someone got to it quickly, it would be usable. With the windshield gone, that won't last. Door seals are gone or useless, window regulator hardware is present except driver's wing. All the rest of the glass is present. every single dome light between the three cars is broken.
The sedan hood is actually clean, except for the little plastic spring stop, but grills and lights are gone.

Running gear is all there, but I would definitely put a wrench on the crank pulley of any engine before I pulled it. At least two of the oil filler caps are missing, maybe three.

The blue couple had a two-piece 4/2/1 exhaust manifold, but one piece was broken. The light coupe has a one-piece 4/2/1 that I might go back for. PBlaster will be required for that one.

There are only three turbinas. Someone had a blowout and one got kinda' ground down.
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I grabbed the hood prop stop on the sedan as I thought I saw someone that needed one. I also grabbed 2 door seals, they weren't great, but will hopefully work in my Berllina better than what's there now.

How'd you get that windshield out?

I'm pretty sure the oil caps were there earlier, but missing a cap for a few days is probably less likely to cause issues that sitting for 15 years with no care. The latest reg sticker I saw was 1995. Whoops, 16 years.
The windshield was installed with this bizzarre mix of tub caulk and caulk rope (still soft). Between that and the rust, I got it out with a screwdriver and fingers. That windshield solves a major concern for me, and made the trip worthwhile.
The other two hood prop stops are gone now, as I have two cars that need them. I was at the point of getting a block of plastic and just making one.
i figured that windshield was going to come out EASY for someone when it looked like the calking was all that was holding the rust together...much like the tail lights of the coupes holding most of the back of the cars together....i had to drill all of the bolts and screws out here at home
Anyone going to the wreckers this weekend?
Could still use a couple of pieces from that coupe, if it's still there (and the bits).
Besides doing me a big favor, I would also hope to make it worth your while.
PM or email so I might find out what your while might be. :p
What do you need? It was pretty bad. I might be able to tell you if what you need was any good.

I grabbed the GTV vents and the hood prop support and will make them available when I get time. But don't think I'm heading back any time soon.
Well simply and mostly, the front grill. But specifically the chromed horizontal bars, if they would give up their purchase more easily than the entire grill. Hate to see detail go to the crusher. Part #41 and #42, both sides. Probably not worth the trip but if someone was going out anyway, maybe?


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They're still there. If I make it back I'll grab them, but hopefully someone else has plans to go as I don't have any plans to go back.
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