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Junk Yard Dog

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A very good friend found this Milano languishing in junk yard. Naturally, I had to save it.

1987 Milano Gold. Under the bonnet is a surprise

Meth injected supercharged 2.5L. Eaton M90 supercharger. Hydro-boost brakes.

Unfortunately, the motor is toast, but I do have a spare.

More to come on that later.

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Followed from the GTV6 forums..... gotta say I'm excited to see what happens with this car!
Nice score.
Y U keep getting into Alfa trouble?



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Don't forget the Koni shocks, Shankle SS bars/springs, Wilwood ultralite calipers, TSW wheels, Shankle headers, Verde interior, Momo steering wheel, OEM tow hitch (OMG OEM), custom MFI/coil packs, DAT custom fenderwell intake. >:)
Holy ****! That's the old Greg Armstrong Milano.


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Wow, thanks for doing a very good deed.
Potenziato, thanks a million for that pic. Anyone who has any others, I would greatly appreciate it.
Awesome score! >:)

What computer does it use? And I hope you get another intercooler for it.
Holy ****! That's the old Greg Armstrong Milano.
Wowzers. Looks like it was on eBay about ten years ago (in much better condition).

I can't believe somebody let that car go to hell like that.
Through the years, I've become much less surprised that this sort of thing happens. One of the dismaying things which one becomes aware of as they age I'm afraid. Seen my share of things, including cars, let go just because...


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Googled "greg armstrong milano" and got a link...

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Forum

A few quotes from that site -
"Greg's Supercharged Milano has slightly under 300hp but has mondo torque down low."
" Electromotive Tec-II programmable ECU's."
"BTW, Greg Armstrong was selling the supercharged Milano... it could be yours for the low low price of $12,000! ;-)"

A pity though, the link to 'fastalfas' website with more pictures is down.

another link, working, with pictures.
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I love all of the info you guys are posting regarding this car. Especially the burnout pics! HAHA

Car was rediscovered in FL, and shipped to me in the dead of winter, through a snow storm.

Poor Car!

Get that salt off

For some reason, the rear drivers side tire is on backwards

Unfortunately, the engine had no antifreeze in the coolant and it was frozen solid, even the expansion tank was completely full and frozen.

Quick tour

I'm in the process of relocating, so I had to immediately load it up for another road trip to my new locale.

Haulin a$$

Again salty, upon arrival, straight to the car wash

Another good friend rented a garage at his apartment complex to serve as my temp shop while I transition. The car is not running, so I had to winch it on the trailer, then use the starter motor to back it off.

Apparently, the knuckleheads at the junkyard were intrigued by the car and were messing with it. They couldn't get it started so they poured raw fuel in the plenum and backfired the motor causing the timing belt to jump. I hoped there wasn't severe damage, so I began disassembling to verify timing.

Custom supercharger bracket..... the engineering on these mods is fantastic

Not sure what the extra holes are for, they were plugged when I got it.

I love the relocated oil fill cap, very nice work.

The bracketry for the supercharger, and belt tensioner are very nicely engineered. I have failed to provide pics, but will follow up on re-assembly.

Plenum hold down straps! For BOOOOST!

Smaller throttle body, not sure from what yet.

Timing checks out, everything looks polished and clean.

Heads need to come off for further investigation

So here we go, exhaust was fully welded from the downpipes all the way back.

FL stowaway

Water pump was leaking, and it was running without a T-stat at all.

Temp shop

Moment of truth

Disaster.......pistons are damaged

Badly bent valves

More work to come. I am excited about getting these issues addressed and getting this car back together.

Big injectors

Much more to come!

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Have you a plan for this? Back to supercharged status?

Kind of hope so, especially with the story the car will have........ Much loved, much modified, dumped, found, much loved again.
It is most definitely going back to supercharged status, no doubt.

I'll put my own over the top twist to it.
Congratulations on rescuing this Milano..!

It seems that you will be going to bring it back to it's former glorious years! :)
Are those wheels Technomagnesios?
LUCKY!!! My junkyard Milano didnt come with a supercharger and a cool back story... ;)

I hope it makes its way back to life as the story itself is soooo cool.

Good Luck with the Project!

This is an amazing find. I wish there were more thugs like this in Maryland. I can't wait to see further updates!
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