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My 1300 Junior Z had a 1600 front bumper installed since I can remember. Rolf and Nancy from Junior Zagato Archief helped me sorting out a new repro 1300 front bumper, thank you guys!! :)

As the new 1300 front bumper is already installed, now I have no use for the 1600 one. I'm willing to sell it cheaper than the 1300 cost me for the price of 900 eur plus shipping.

The bumper has struts and rubbers included and is ready to install. Would improve with cleaning, please mind the dust!

IMG_20191128_193812_resized_20200303_121136956.jpg IMG_20191129_004645_resized_20200303_121136297.jpg IMG_20191129_004727_resized_20200303_121136633.jpg IMG_20191129_141438_resized_20200303_120652700.jpg IMG_20191129_141447_resized_20200303_120648915.jpg IMG_20191129_141454_resized_20200303_120656497.jpg
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