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Junction box full - options?

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I am installing the IAP headlight relay kit. I am at the point to add the 2 wires to the junction box. I added a new wire last week from the alternator.

Basically, the box is "full". I can't even add one wire to the post.

1. Is there somewhere else to connect it to?

2. Can I buy/make an extension to the box? Plug the 3 new wires into something and then that item to the junction box?
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I used a distribution block found at car audio stores. Call a few local after market audio stores one will have what you need
You can connect it directly to the post at the alternator if you want. Make sure it's fused close to the connection.
Can't connect to Alternator. I already have 2 wires connected to it.

First thing Autozone, OReilly's, TSC and Lowes was, "just take a bolt and put them all together. Then wrap it all in electrical tape". ARGG!

Can't believe I am having so much trouble finding something.

I will try the audio stores tomorrow.
When I re-wired my MGA I bought a couple of 6 position fuse panels at Advance Auto. One feed wire 'in', 6 slots for blade fuses & 6 1/4" spade terminals. One fuse box also has a section for grounds.
"just take a bolt and put them all together. Then wrap it all in electrical tape". ARGG!
That is how industrial motors - up to at least 200 HP are connected.
I found this. I can get it on Amazon. Simple box with a post. Can feed wires from both side. Also can mount on fendor.
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This the one I used (for my MGA). They have a similar one with a section for ground wires.

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When I installed the IAP kit, I ran into a crowded post too. But I found that if I flipped the existing lugs around, so that the bottom one fit flush, I could stack it all up and get the nut on. It was a matter of rearranging them all so the lugs laid face to face.

Maybe yours is more crowded already, though.
Alfas like 33 and 75 have a couple of such small junction boxes in the engine bay. If you want to 'stick to Italian', get a used one, I guess they might cost as much as $0.99...
Here is what I have. I have 6 wires already. I tried to reorder them but just to much for that little post.

Wire Electrical wiring Electrical supply Cable Technology
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If there is room for a second Junction box right alongside, that's the option I would adopt. Just buy a used one on eBay, attach it it to the fender well alongside the original, and run a properly gauged jumper to the new Junction box. To make room for the jumper terminal on the original, you can move one or two of the existing terminal ends to the new Junction box.
The fuse block I use

This is what I use. The lead off the main junction is not fused because it is only 6 inches long but everything coming out of the block is fused. It has 4 outputs which I find is enough.


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