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A short time back I had the issue of the gas gauge acting erratic, swinging wildly from one extreme to the other.
In my situation it seemed that the needle would respond to my rapping the face of the gauge with my knuckles a'la Gregory Peck in 12 O'clock High (No, I'm NOT that freakin' old...:eek:).
This lead me to think that the cause wasn't the fuel level sensing unit in the tank.
All I wound up doing is reaching up underneath to the back of the fuel gauge and carefully removing and reinstalling one of the leads (a defaxto cleaning of the contact) to which the gauge immeadiately started behaving itself with with a more stable and failry correct display. And yes, I had to clear some of the AC duct to do this.

A word of warning though: anytime you're sticking your hand into exposed electrical areas, especially where you can't see it, be sure to remove any rings. It should be easy to see that you could create a short with the gold or silver jewelry and quite possible get a pretty good burn as a result.
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