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Not mine:

I realize the 105 series 1300 motor (10530....) used in the JrZ was the same as used in spiders & Gt's. I wondered however, if a certain engine number range could be considered more likely to be used in the JrZ. I pulled the 1300 motor from my car many years ago (replaced with a 2L) and put in the corner of the garage (and I'm certain it's the original motor). Using a flashlight & mirror (motor is somewhat buried!) I believe the motor # is: .....66309 coming from chassis #.......341.


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Hi John,

If I remember correctly, there is a thread in this section on engine numbers in GT 1300 Junior Zagato's. Let me have a look. Yes, look at the link. I started it myself evidently 馃榿馃榾

Ciao, Olaf
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