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I just received all rubber bits for my Zagato from this vendor: Junior Zagato 1300-1600 (1969-75)

They are near Rome; and are a little cryptic to deal with since they don't answer in English. I had a friend do the translations for me. Great quality rubber.

Check ebay for the windows; I've seen them there lately. You can order a windshield from AFRA.

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Steve, is that you?

Steve Jones?

I think I have the driver side rear glass spare. I'll have to look to be sure. The gaskets would be used. And I'm here in LA.

I really need an original passenger door panel, in black. Maybe AllthingsZagato can help. My car is 985, a 1300.

It took me two years to find windwing glass on the driver side!

Steve, my direct email is [email protected]


Morgan, I am driving my car but still not quite done. Wheels and tires next. This photo is from last weekend with a 1600 Veloce I used to own.


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