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The JZ gas door, and the frame behind it, on the is the same one as on all the 105 series Alfas, only its mounted up-side down in the body.
So with a new gas door you lose the hole for the lock.
Here in Europe the fuel has always been expensive but when the prices started to rise in the 70's & 80's locks appeared on the gas tanks and because everyone had his/her one system, it was either on the gas cap or the gas door.
When I bought my car I didn’t have a fuel tank but I had an address in Germany where I could find one and many more parts. When I bought it, it had a locked cap, luckily I had an extra key with my car and it was a match. The question is, did I buy my old tank back or is the lock simple to pick… the guy I bought the tank from (Frank Hanel) also knows the guy I bought the car from……..

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