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jetronic modifications - any history?

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I just disassembled a 1982 Spider for parts. The Bosch Jetronic control box has been modified or repaired. The box was marked with a painted "846" and screws had been resealed with "pink" paint. Was anyone modifying Jertronics for performance or do you think this was part of a repair. I am curious and may try on my Spider although I do suspect this is a repair.

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Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question.

I was wondering if you could post some photos of the unit - perhaps opening it up for some peeks inside...?
Good idea

I will do just that.
I think I read somewhere in the great big Interwebs that the Alfa Ljet ECU had a recall for a crack on the circuit board causing a bad ground.

This was a few years ago when there were plenty of Alfa related web sites.

Pictures of the box and innards

Here is the gut of the box. Looks quite normal to me...


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Thanks for the photos.
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