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Hi my name is Jeff and this is the first time I have ever posted anything.Hopefuly I'm doing it right.
Anyway,I have recently converted my 89 spider veloce from EFI to dual Webber's.I also did high compression pistons,bigger cams, new distributor headers,and new exhaust.
The engine ran great,except for the fact that there was an off idle stumble that was driving me nuts.So me being the anal perfectionist that I am ,decided to change the venturi(choke tubes) from 34's to 36's, and change the Emulsion tubes from f11's to f16's, I thought that because the engine was a little more high performance that it need a little more something.
Well after swapping every thing over I started it up and it ran like crap,so I put everything back to the original configuration and it is still running like crap.
The only thing I can think of is that there must have been some piece of dirt or something that got sucked into the rest of the carbs when I was changing everything over.
It sputters and skips and can't handle any gas under load on the road but I can rev it up good in the driveway.
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