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Jacking Points??

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Hi All:

Sorry, I'll have a number of these simple questions for a while.

The factory points are obvious but where can I jack if I want to use the factory points for the jack stands?

Is the engine crossmember strong enough, or are there alternative points for the jack stands?


John Corbs

'74 GTV:confused:
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You can use the rear diff to lift the back of the car, make sure the jack is evenly on the fins.

For the front depending on how low the car is you can use the front cross member.

I posted this earlier today about jacking on the diff.

For the front cross member you may need to drive the front wheels up on 2x4's to get enough clearance.
Thanks Guys. I also found some good stuff using the Search function.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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