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I never use the jacking points anyway and I'm not a "keep it original" freak if there is a way to improve things. I'm guessing that the race guys must have done something different?
Hmmm, if you don't use them at all may be you could remove them?

I think that keeping them clean would help them last. Usually when I wash my car (not my Alfa, yet) I hose under the wheel arches, etc. to help dislodge this sort of crap that gets stuck on little ledges ...

The other thing I would suggest is to ensure you have the splash guards installed under the front wheel arches as they do a big job of stopping sill rust .... as stupidly Alfa have designed a nice flat ledge of dirt to sit on!!! They might also stop dirt getting on the front jacking point.

Also could you modify the jacking points so it is not possible for dirt to get on top of it. Maybe seal the outside of them with some sort of goo ...

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