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After many years of racing, of building Alfas for myself and others, and enjoying enduring friendships, it is time to clear out the shop and garage, and spend more time enjoying family and retirement. (And so Susan can finally park in the garage :) )

I have made up a list and a portfolio of photos which I'll try to attach to this post. If I'm not able to, I can send a CD of everything. I think the list and photos will answer most questions. Included are Alfa factory tools and tooling I made up to work on Alfas, but not my personal tools and shop equiptment.

I am selling everything as a package, so please don't ask for individual items, or a detailed itemization. Look at the pictures and read the matching list. $5000. FOB Casa Grande takes it all. It appears it will fit into a 16 ft U-Haul.

Thanks: I hope you have had as much fun and friendships with Alfas as I have. George


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Could only post a few photos at a time, here's more

February 22, 2012

011George Willet
1615 E. Clover St.
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
Cell 360-391-1620

Parts Inventory photo descriptions

001: Weber Carb parts, linkage arms, air horns for 40/45 DCOE
002: Bosch distributors and msc parts
003: Mirelli distributors and msc parts
004: msc air cleaners and parts for carbs
005: points, condensers, coils, etc.
006 and 007 Sun Distributor machine and electronic distributor adaptor, file folder on advance curves
008: work bench, bins and boxes of parts
009: Binboxes of transmission gears, mainshafts, sliders, bearings, special bolts, shims, etc. three sets of .85 fifth gears.
010: Two barrel manifold and Weber carbs and pieces to use on a 1600/1750/2ltr.
011 thru 016: Bin boxes of carb and Spica linkage, assorted Weber carb supports, lug nuts, tie rod ends, bushings, bearings, seals, special bolts and on and on.
017 and 018: 105 and Super side marker lights and sockets.
019: Alfa-Power Camera mount assy.
020: 1300/1600/1750 remote oil filter adapters, with gaskets.
021: bins of valves, springs, retainers, keepers, shims; timing gears and chains; drain and fill plugs; temp/oil/fuel senders; thermostats and covers; and on & on.
022: Box of bags of special engine bolts, 1750 and 2ltr cylinder heads, msc cranks.
023: 1600/1750/2ltr head and engine gaskets, box of bagged msc gaskets.
024: Full set of valve shims in the Alfa box with sheet of metric and fractional sizes; dial indicator fixture to check shim thicknesses.
025: assorted Weber jets, air correctors, emulsion tubes, etc.
026, 027: 1600/1750/2ltr pistons, rods, liners.
028, 029,030: assorted flywheels, ring gears, clutch plates, discs, Shankle antiroll bars, motor mounts; and so on.
031 and 032: Shelves of 105 oil pans, 4 and 5 speed transmission assys and cases, bell housings; Spica air boxes.
033: Totes of assorted parts: shocks, springs, spring pans, horns and horn buttons, emblems, sunvisors, throttle and “choke” lever assemblies with cables, turnsignal/headlamp switches. 105/115/116 doorhandles. Valuable stuff off of salvaged cars.
034: 2ltr engine from a spider( pilot hole in the crank)
035 thru 040: Boxes of things like switches/knobs/levers/light sockets/speedos and gauges/steering wheels stock and racing with adaptors/Super door inner and outer handles/window crank handles/ window regulators and vent transmissions.
041: blocks and short blocks; one short block is a European 1600 from a 116 car and has a nitrated crank.
042: box of GTV and super e/brake cables; tach and speedo cables, necessary brackets and treasures.
043 and 045: fuel and oil filter assemblies; exhaust pieces, flanges and pipes; three GTA exhaust manifolds and pipes with a collector to modify headers to fit around pedal boxes, a project in process; muffler.
044; more transmissions and bell housings
046 and 047: Books and manuals for Alfa engines, transmissions, Spica tech manual from Alfa factory; Milano shop manual, GTV6 manual; several Competition Advisory manuals from Alfa; books on, yep, Alfas.
048: Books on Weber carbs, books on how to set up distributor curves; suspension design; and more
049: programs and manuals on suspension and engine design and what will changes accomplish, along with download of Alfa build files. Years of work.
050 and 051: Document files on suspension set-ups; transmission ratio spread sheets; Cylinder head porting and design; engine building files. A wealth of years of Alfa (and general) knowledge to go on a disc(s).


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George, I understand the need to make changes in one's life. But I hope this doesn't mean that you're withdrawing from the Alfa community. You've always been a stalwart and have helped a great many people (including me). You'd be missed by many.

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Thanks for all the inquiries and "cards and letters" from a great group of people, AlfaBBers. I believe I've emailed thanks and replies to everyone, but if I missed one of you, here's the "word".

No I'm not leaving the Alfa community or the AlfaBB, it's just the mind is willing, but the wrists are gettting weak. Must be from building all those thermostat actuators for so many years.

So I'll still be around to help answer questions, and sharing "what works and what doesn't work".

Last week all of my Alfa parts were loaded up and are gone. The buyer will continue watching the parts wanted postings and contact direct. So I can't supply any more parts, all I have is my Giulia Super and lots of fond memorys.

PS: the garage is almost reorganized and Susan has a place to park, she's happy!!
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