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Italian Car Day - Saturday August 27th, 2011

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Just passing along some information about a local event called "Italian Car Day". You can visit the web site Italian Car Day for all the info.

The date of this event is Saturday August 27th, 2011 and will be held at Boyd Conservation Area in Woodbridge, Ontario, just north of Toronto.

In speaking to one of the organizers of this event, it will be open to any Italian automobile. They are expecting some 200+ cars. Plans are to make this event a yearly occurance.

I'm sure that you'll hear more talk about this event at local cruise nights.

The organizers would love to see a large Alfa Romeo presence amongst other Italian marques.
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One of the organizers of this event is particularily looking for someone with an Alfa Montreal to come out to this event. I know of a few local Monty's but haven't seen them around in a few years.
So, if you know of any local let the owner know and let me know too.!

Just finished registering my car for this event. There is an impressive list of cars already. Ferrari's, Lambo's, Pantera's, Maserati, Alfa's and Fiats! Click the "Participation" key on web site for list so far. Registration was pretty easy and straight forward. Hopefully, we get more Alfa's signed up! You'll end up paying $10 more at the gate, day of event.
I registered 3 cars myself & don't forget the Tshirt...

This event is really shaping up as a biggie.
La Paloma Thursday June 2 Italiancarday and flyers
Gents ;
This Thursday we will have flyers to hand out and posters to sell !! Yes sell!! remember all profits from these go to to benefit the kids who really need it . Some kids from safehaven may in fact be out looking at exotica thursday eve at La Paloma so while im stealing your poster money they will Steal your heart!!

if you need names (in case you want to volenteer on show day) with the Cars its as follows

F355 spyder ..Sadi
Black Ghibli ..Stuart
Fiat Dino ..Nick
really nice and really black Fiat 124 red dash .. Domenic
328 ..John
Mondail ..Tony
Alfa Spider Veloce ...Mario
Beater.... Gary
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Thanks for the heads up - just registered

See you guys there...
Thats great Phil. Your Alfa will be a crowd pleaser.!
I wonder what brand will have the most cars there:



About 4 weeks away. There will be some very special Alfas on display.
calling volunteers again
interested in helping in our event ?

We are recruiting volunteers....from car staging (driven by their owners...sorry) to supervising the beauties etc........all while enjoying our event.

Send me a pm and we will contact you for our upcoming volunteer meeting.
Weather looks great for Sat. 27th. & 140 cars registered already.
Can you tell me where in Mississauga the 2012 event will be held at?
I am looking forward to this event as well. Mississauga is also the location of the Alfa Romeo convention in June.
Italian car day

Excellent news! Great to know that it's happening again. Hoping to have my GTV-6 ready for it this time around.
the Alfa crowd has their own show to concentrate on.
Although I registered I had a issue with my car be there for sure this year
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