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Italian Car Day 2003 1st June in UK

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Just a few images from this weekends Italian Car Day held at Stanford hall in the UK
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Looks cool ;) were you there ?
Great pictures! Strange green on this Super. Was that Geo Tracker being ejected for not being Italian? :)


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This guy 67GTV (Kai), always make's me laugh. I want to put a HAHA after everyone of his post's.

He always has inside BB jokes, and he notices the smallest things in picture's and post's. I mean who would look at that picture and say "Was that Geo Tracker being ejected for not being Italian? ", that would be Kai.

By the way, that super does have a Geo Metro Green.
Had a great day there.

don't know why guy the took that Suzuki / Geo, though in the trailer it pulled out some 70's Fiat Pickup with a 2 litre twin cam & a Volumex Supercharger under the hood, which he put in the forsale section for £1500.........definatly interesting.

Had a chat with the guy with the Green Super, definatly not an origenal colour, though it seems his previous Cal Look Beetle ownership may have had something to do with the colour choice

A couple of BMW's drove through the show, which everyone scoweled at (& probably said under their breath...."What the F*** do you think you are doing here bringing that piece of ....."
Jamie, it looks like it was a great day for Italian cars. Thanks for putting up that gallery.

Aw shucks Sniady, you're making me blush. At least there are two of us that are amused by my stupid remarks.

"Deep in my heart I know I'm funny." - Bruno Kirby in Good Morning Vietnam
Thought I'd put up some of the earlier Alfa Events from the UK, seeing as you lot can spot some weird & wonderfull cars:

Alfa Spring Day 2003

Alfa 155 Meet

Italian car Day 2001 & National Alfa Day 2002

Italian car Day 2001 & National Alfa Day 2002 verion 2
Great pictures!

Regarding this spoiler/air dam, is it adjustable, falling off or meant to be in this position?


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Kai, you've done it again!!!!!!!!!! Uncovered the Jay Leno Chin Noogie!!!!
I don't know how you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
The general.
you know what.... I love the General's post, and CHIN NOOGIES FOR KAI!!!!
Oh no! Sniady has succumbed to the chin noogie phenomenon (not).

My wife refers to the Gen. as the chin noogie guy.
Oh to be so exhaulted as to be mentioned in the same breathe as the chin noogie. Tell your wife I'm not worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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