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It sold for $6,200

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The car was in Utah, I bid up to $5,500 on the net. I think the guy got a good deal. I just didn't have the money to invest. It was a 67 Duetto and it ran, had little damage to one side (paint) the seats were and door panels were not correct and the hub caps were wrong. Somebody still got a good deal. Didn't have the cash to play with.....:(

I really though of making a play for it, but **** it!!!! Did I screw up?


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Dunno about the rest, but it used to be blue and ended up with a (*apparently cheaply accomplished) re~do in resale red, and sitting out in the rain with no rear window can't be increasing the value.

*look at underhood picture in the vicinity of the intake canister and you can see where big chunks of red paint scaled off due to poor prep along with overspray on a lot of hoses, wires and firewall data plate.
Funny..I always belived that if it was supposed to happen, it will...With that philosophy, I may never get everything I want, but will get almost everything I really keep looking...the Alfa you are supposed to get will show up, and you will get it. NO, YOU CAN"T HAVE MINE !!!!!!
It doesn't necessarily mean that you missed buying it for $6,300. You don't really know how high the other guy would have been willing to go. He may have had a $10K budget. That's what I always tell myself when I get beat out in an auction anyway. ;)
I already have a Duetto, but thought about making a couple bucks on this one. What I would like to buy is a GTV.
paint respray does look depressing. Also, its not original, I understand. Lika Darren said, who knows whats inside with the rain and all....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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