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It is just what I needed

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I just picked up a new restoration project.

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Can you believe that my wife thinks this is a good idea?
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You're a brave man :)
That'll keep you busy. I like the "sunroof" shot of the sweet interior.
At least the S/S trim hasn't rusted! :) Seriously, your wife must really love you, or she really thinks you need a hobby
I sent the guy an email saying I'd take the wheels if it didn't find a home and was going to the crusher. I've been looking at that car on craigslist up here for a while. I thought about buying it for parts, but then remembered I nearly got evicted for working on my current alfa around this time last year. Good luck with that, and if you want to sell those wheels let me know.

It would make a great "lightweight" racer!
Great project; looking forward to see some progress. Two good things:
- the chrome on the roof and doors looks OK
- your wife is very understanding; Can you share with us how you convinced her? I need some help on this
Reskin it with the GTA repoduction pannels from Europe and dress it up with some nice GTA wheels.
Good lord.. how's the frame on that? :eek:

That valve cover looks wrong for a 1600, is it the original motor?

What are your plans with it?
In regards to the 1600, I sort of got taken. I found the car on craigslist. The owner had bought the car on ebay. He obviously was disappointed when he saw how extensive the rust was, so he sold it. He thought the engine was original, but how many 1600's have Spica block off plates?

After driving 400 miles starting at 2 AM, I don't think it would have made any difference if the car had a small block Chevy under the hood. I wasn't coming home empty handed.

I would like to have had the 1600 sitting on a display stand, ready to be dropped back in the car, but I intend to use a 2 liter twin spark. I am thinking along the lines of Max Bank's GTA Replica.

So Max, how much for a complete set of aluminum wings?
Great project....your wife is right on....

Jeff.....GTA clone all the way....dont stop.....
Hi!! hurts just looking at the video...have you had a chance to do a full up assessment of the chassis on this car? If this were my car I'd want to strip it right down to the shell first before deciding on ordering external body panels for it. Will you be doing the body repair yourself?
So if it's not a 1600, what is it? If you don't use the carbs, I'd be very interested in them.
Looks like a former east coast ice racer! ;^)
You could call it the flexible flyer!!!
The car is so scary that I was afraid that the tie-downs on the trailer were going to pull the car apart like a prisoner on a medieval torture rack.

Hopefully I will get a chance to strip the car down this week. Once I get everything apart I can access the chassis and make some decisions. I have another car that has it's own issues as well. Hopefully, between the two cars, I can save one car. One will die so the other can live.
Fear not! Good things can come in a sow's ear.
I bought a '71 GTV on e-bay that was a New Jersey car prior to coming to So. Cal. Just for parts w/ my '67 resto. $1100 and it was a little more top heavy than yours ( roof OK, just no good metal south of the windows! ) The only bright light was the set of 45 Webers that I spotted on the engine.
When I tore her down I found...
rebuilt 1750 motor, 12mm C&B cams, ported head, 45's, rebuilt trans.
All of this went into the '67 along with complete brakes and rear end.
Sold off the remaining parts for more than $1100.
Hope your's works out as well!
Or you could restore it........
That is exactly why I was able to buy this car without hesitation. I definitely needed all of the glass, the stainless trim, the gauges, the door panels, etc. I am sure that I would have spent far more on those parts had I bought them on ebay. I had not even considered what I might find in the engine, but the car does have flares, adjustable upper links and a really cool home made switch box. That tells me this car must have been a racer.

And as a bonus, the wheels will look nice on the Berlina.

The funniest thing about the car is that the entire top of the gas tank has rusted away, yet the tank is full of water!

Anyone need a pair of MG Midget seats for restoration?


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Just noticed the exhaust tips.....Abarth or Anza exhaust would be a nice bonus too!!
This is one car I'm not sorry to see leave Northern California, but it sounds like it's in good hands. That's unquestionably the rustiest GTV I've ever seen. Good luck Jeff, sounds like the right thing to do with it.

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