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Is Posillipo Blue really the same thing as Midnight Blue?

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I am planning on re-touching some tiny paint spots that annoys me on the car but I can't figure out which color is on my car since it has been re-painted into either Posillipo blue (AR-355) or Midnight blue (AR-369).

And I have seen on a thread that Posillipo Blue bears the same color code as Midnight Blue

Now that is confusing, since I have no way to distinguish theses two colors.
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If someone could help me identify this color it would be really nice, because my ocd's would blow off the charts having more than one color on my car.


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It says on this thread that (AR-369) bears the name Posillipo Blue and also Midnight blue.

But theses two links show otherwise:

- Blu Posillipo : Blu Posillipo 1984 - Paint Cross Reference

- Midnight Blue : Midnight Blue 1986 - Paint Cross Reference
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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