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Is it time for a new clutch?

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Hi everyone.
I started noticing that my car keeps high idle after I get off the freeway,
When I press the clutch and shift into gear the rpm calms down.
I also get a spring noise on faster take off and shaking as well.
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That's not the first place I would look.

Your car needs a good inspection underneath first. Could be a flex disc deteriorating, driveshaft center bearing worn, motor mount or bell housing mount bad etc.
The donuts were changed a year ago. I believe the front donut is not good and needs to be changed.
The bell housing was also changed along with the flex disc about a year ago.
I'm confused now.
Do you have SPICA or carbs?
A high idle could be several things like throttle linkage that is sticking or a distributor issue.

One sign of a slipping clutch is the engine revving up and the car doesn't accelerate accordingly.

Shaking indicates the driveshaft is either out of balance or a donut has failed.

Provide some more information and other BB members may be able to diagnose what's going on.
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Sorry for the confusion. I have Spica. The throttle linkage is fine.
My mechanic had changed the flex disc, bell housing, the rear driveshaft donut and center donut. He did not have a new front one, I purchased one but never got a chance to take it back to the mechanic.
I noticed my catalytic converter turns super red. There must be a timing issue, now that you mentioned the distributor, might not be my clutch ?
How about providing the details on your car?

What is it?
I had the original points distributor in an Alfetta years ago and the advance would stick sometimes and the revs would stay elevated. A Marelli Plex distributor resolved the problem.
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I'm concerned he may have an incorrect giubo at the rear. We need the details on the car.
79 alfetta gt.
original distributor.
Also, since my cat turned red, is it pretty much done?
It was a new cat. Luckily got all my smog stuff done.
rap on the cat and see if it's loose inside.
Glowing cats is a sign that unburned A/F is getting to the cats, possible cam timing issue. This should be fixed.
Scary thought that, glowing red cat. Do you have the warning light for overheating exhaust? Our 78 GTV did, IIRC.
No my light is not working for the exhaust temperature. I see it on the dash but does not light up.
You mentioned twice that the bell housing was changed. If this is what the
mechanic said, I would question it. I hope he did not charge for a new bell housing replacement.
That's a lot more complicated then changing a donut.

You live in a really big town. I would make contact with the local club and get them to at
least put you in contact with an experienced shop.

If he really did change the bell housing I would love to hear how this came about.
If he did change the donuts and he didn't line up the pieces of the drive shaft as they
were when he began, I would guess that would leave it out of balance issues.

Back in the old days the way to test a clutch was to drive against a big tree. Put the shifter in 1st gear,
take it up to about 1500 rpms, let out the clutch. If the engine stalls all is good. If the engine keeps going,
then it's time for a new one. (No, not a new car. Just a new clutch and a new throw out bearing...) :oops:

Or, maybe the guy is getting old and forgets to use the correct word (like me) so the "bell housing"
was, as politicians would say, he "misspoke"..............;)
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Has anyone here besides me changed a bell housing on a 116 car without removing the engine?
It's **** near impossible!!

This whole deal is confusing to me.
From the original post:
"The donuts were changed a year ago. I believe the front donut is not good and needs to be changed.
The bell housing was also changed along with the flex disc about a year ago."

Bell housing or CLUTCH housing?
Donut vs flex disc?
We've got high idle and glowing red catalytic converter.

Someone else besides who did the previous work needs to check this car out as suggested above.
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according to him the bell housing was cracked, and the flex disc replaced.
I am pretty sure the bell housing he used was off another alfa.
I will have another mechanic take a look at it. Besides the replacements,
I had taken the car in several other times to inspect for immediate repairs,
Strange how the timing issue was not even mentioned.
Here is a huge amount of confusion.

The bell housing is right where the front flex disc is. First off, the bell housings don't generally fail. Clutch housings, all the way at the rear, do. Especially if they have the incorrect rear flex disc.
The time to replace the front flex disc is when you remove the driveshaft to replace the bell housing. I guess that wasn't done. Those front flex discs are easily obtainable. The correct rear flex discs are not available except from one supplier that I know of. The incorrect ones are easily available and cause driveline vibrations and eventually clutch housing failures.

Without seeing the repair order for the work done, we're handicapped when it comes to offering specific advice.
Let's concentrate on the driveline issue for now.
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