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Hey there everyone,

My name is Erik Johnson, and I am a new vendor here, as of today. I own The Race Line. We specialize in drive line parts and services for a pretty wide array of cars.

I recently did some work with another Alfa builder, and thought I would poke my head in here to see if I could be of help to anyone else here.

I realize that there are several very knowledgeable people here with regard to you gearboxes. It is not my intention to step on anyone's toes, I would like to see if I can be a benefit to the community here though with some great pricing, and potential knowledge sharing.

I have been selling OS Giken here in the US for a long time, and know a great deal about their differentials, clutches, and short ratio gearing kits for the Alfa.

There are some really great benefits to the OS Giken LSD, and gearing kits available. If you are considering this upgrade, give me a call and let me do everything I can to earn your business.

Happy Motoring all,

Erik Johnson
The Race Line
(970) 344-7761 phone
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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