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Interior lights stay on

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I replaced the drivers side window motor about a month ago,and since then I have been having a problem of the interior lights staying on,last week I removed the interior light relay and the lights worked fine.This morning went for a ride and now the lights are back on again ???????????? Any Ideas ?? Thanks
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What car?

Many Alfa interior lights have a 3 position switch. Off, automatic (with door open/close) or always on. Some Spiders use the lens to activate the switch - rotated one way for off, the other way for always on and in between for automatic.
Sorry about that..That would be our 87 Milano with sunroof
Sorry about that..That would be our 87 Milano with sunroof
I'd go with Eric's suggestion.

The interior light lenses on sunroof-equipped 75s act as rocker switches to turn them off/on when doors are open/on all the time. You may have bumped your head on one and switched it on when you were grappling with the window regulator.

Check them to make sure one or both isn't "rocked" towards the front or back. A passenger at our track day last week did this to mine getting out of the car with a crash helmet on...
All rockers are in the off position

I unplugged the two lights with rockers but the footwell lights and fuse block light stay on,What am I missing ????????????
I would suggest you may have a problem with the door switch or associated wiring, which could make the lighting system think the door is open all the time. If this is the case, the light would go off after a while and would not come on when you opened the door again. But if it's coming on when you open the door ( i would experiment by only opening the door you were working on previously ) and then not going off, I guess there could be a problem with the timer / relay which controls the lights. They should normally stay on for a bit after closing the door, by the way, they don't go straight off.

* Edit... but you say you already played with the relay. Anyone know if that relay only controls the door switching? Or should it not kill the interior lights altogether if you pull it?
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