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While I personally do not like F.I. there is no reason for me not to feed the appetite of those who embrace it.
If it's "Ride the wave or be inundated by it", I choose the ride. :wink2:

I've been looking for items to make on my just acquired Fadal VMC.
Need not be huge volume but does need to be production rather than one-off.

I've also been researching available used throttle bodies for ITB conversions. >:)
Different types have varied advantages over one another for size, price, ease of install.
Now working on getting as many samples in hand as possible.

I already have a spare Spider SPICA intake minus the throttles on hand to work with.
My goal here is to come up with a line of relatively inexpensive ITB to manifold adapters for the DIY crowd.

First versions are probably Weber DCOE, IDA, and IDA-3.
I only want to supply the adapter plates, the throttle bodies are easily found via feeBay or local salvage.

Several ECU makes available, from modified production units to MS and other aftermarket vendors.
With virtually every install being custom I cannot expect to be able to supply fully developed kits, so it will be "Open source" DIY.

Having experienced SPICA shortcomings and wanting our Alfa's to stay on the road I am hoping there will be significant interest when I do this.
Intending a simple CNC design that keeps the ECM and related wiring the most expensive part.
Used production TB's are pretty cheap, even the BMW bits are much less expensive than the varied Weber look alike or Billet ITB's.

I may just make an adapter available for free to the first person who is confident that they can complete a conversion fairly quickly.
PM if interested.

Also looking for feedback post on the general idea.
Too early to quote cost but should be several hundred dollars less than the current offerings.
Final tally will of course depend on what else is done at the same time as a lot of people will want to start with a fresh engine, add blowers, etc.
Not limited to Alfa, but first will be varied Weber bases as outlined above.
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