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Is this fusebox where I check the fuses?
Yes, that is the fuse box. The 'bullet' style fuses are known to look OK but still somehow fail to pass electrons. If you do not know how old they are, it is a good idea to buy some new ones, clean the fuse box contacts where the fuses fit and eliminate that possibility. A small brass bristle wire brush - toothbrush size - works great for this.

Waiting for the answer to this question as I to have a 71 spider and the dash lights are not working! Is their not a switch on the centre console?
Probably so but in typical Alfa fashion the rheostat for dash lighting only controls the center console gauge lighting - not the tach/speed lighting. (or maybe it's the other way around...?)

also do I need to take off the instrument pods to check the ground?
Maybe but probably not. Look around for black wires that attach to the body or dash. These are ground connections. A little corrosion &/or looseness and things electrical act goofy. On our '84 Spider there is a gang of ground wire connections at the left side outer edge of the dash. Get your head against the door's hinge pillar looking up to see if your model has something similar. Your small brass brristle brush is good to clean these connections, too. Remove, clean & secure - don't assume they are OK because they look good and feel tight. I like to apply a dab of di-electric grease after cleaning off the connections - it helps stave off future corrosion.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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