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Instrument Cluster Question - 86-88 Spider

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In researching an answer to a recent cluster question, I thought to add the instrument cluster wiring to the 86, 87 & 88 Spider wiring diagrams I'm drawing. However, the original Alfa diagram does not label some of the instrument lights. In the pic below, the red arrows are pointing to what I suspect are dash lights (that come on with the parking lights). Could someone confirm this? In addition, what is the blue arrow pointing to? Another dash light?

Thank you!:)


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Blue is another dash light as are reds.

Wait one for scan........
Many thanks for Tifosi's assistance!! :) The cluster diagram is in progress.


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1988 cluster problems

I have a late model 1988 spider with a dash instrument cluster that is not working. It burned up. Tried to get several clusters from other years and even from earlier 1988 and none work because, according to my mechanic, the cluster needs to have the seat belt warning light so it exactly matches the wiring of what was in the car originally. Has anyone had this issue previously? Does anyone know where I might be able to find a late model 1988 cluster, all in tact? Thanks Shep
By chance, does your car have the motorized seatbelt system? I think there may be a slight difference between clusters for the cars with and without the system.
Is it possible he's referring to an airbag light, which means somebody swapped in an S4 cluster and modified the wiring (although 88's never had an air bag). The seatbelt thing and the air bag are the only things that come to mind about possible monopod cluster differences.

Any chance you can post pictures of the original, providing when you said it was burned up, it means its fried and not charred?

Do you see any differences front or back between the original and replacements you have tried?
See post #16 of this thread. It would seem my thinking is right.
Given how old these cars are, and how many hands they change, it may be possible that a previous owner either swapped the cluster or even harness if there was a short in there somewhere, or even removed the motorized seatbelts (they are rare, and several guys have converted to conventional belts).
I see post #6. Is there a 16? So if in fact someone did put a different year cluster in the car and it burned up due to a short, can any cluster be re wired to work or does the car need the specific 1988 late year model cluster? Im not sure how someone would know to rewire it unless they had the car and the instrument cluster together. Not sure how a company like Palo Alto speedo would know what to do unless they had the cluster and the car together.
There is a post #16, perhaps you need to go to the next page to see it (depending how you have your options set - how many posts per page).

I'm not suggesting that your original is fried because it was incorrect. I'm just wondering if your car requires a special one (like from a car with motorized seat belts), and you keep trying to install what I'll call a standard cluster.

I don't know... its a strange problem to have.

In theory, any 86-89 (and possibly 90) cluster should interchange, providing the car doesn't have the motorized seatbelts, and the original harness is still in the car. Somebody may step in and correct me.

All I'm trying to get at is over the years, who knows what a previous owner may have done or changed that could explain why you are having the problems you are.

I'm not sure what you are getting at with Palo Alto?

I'm still trying to figure out what seatbelt light he is referring to that is not appearing on other clusters that you are trying and not having success with.
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Focusing more on the seatbelt light your mechanic is talking about...

Standard clusters have the seatbelt light as shown in the diagram in the first post of this thread.

If you go to the following link, it shows a pic of the non-standard cluster that came on cars with the motorized seatbelts. If you look at the tach you will see the extra seatbelt lights.
so if the car did have the motorized seat belts originally it would have had a special cluster that is not interchangeable ? How would one know if it did in fact originally come with motorized seat belts. There are no original records.
I knew this question would eventually come up and feared it, because the signs of motorized seatbelts that once where, would depend on how much work the previous owner did to hide the signs.

Check out this thread. It shows a good diagram of how the belts were routed between the seats, the tracks, and extra electrics.
This thread, started by yours truly, shows pics of parts of the system. If you see any remnants or mods that look like some of the brackets were once there, you may have had the system.
Will do . Thanks for all the info. So if it did in fact have the motorized belts does that mean only a cluster from a motorized belt 88 will work? Sounds like this is going to be impossible to find.
If it did have the system, and no other cluster seems to work for you, then its likely that is the cluster you need and yes they are rare. I don't know if you would be able to install a standard cluster if you also changed the harness.

I really hope I'm not wasting your time with this theory, but so far its all I can think of, and nobody else is chiming in with other possibilities. As I mentioned, the only different clusters that I know of are the standard S3, the S3 motorized seatbelt cluster with the passive lights, and the S4 cluster with an air bag light.
this is a passive belt US monopod for sale in Germany.....they call it S4...if S4 didn't have the passives then maybe it is what you are looking for?
It is fairly expensive but seeing they will never sell it over here (no passives in europe), one could make a low ball offer i suppose...
Trouble is you never know if they are working correctly!

anyway just put it out there FYI...!

Instrument / Tacho für Alfa Spider 115 Serie 4 (1990-1993) | eBay
It is my understanding that, by law, x percentage of motor vehicles from any manufacturer sold in the USA had to be equipped with passive belts. The records I have show that the Veloce from chassis 56011-57999 and the Quad from 59011-61199 were the only Spiders having passive belts.
Started working on a wiring diagram for this passive system a while ago and although I haven't studied it quite a number of months (sorry Mike), memory tells me that the chassis harness, cluster and adapter harnesses from chassis to cluster are different from the non-passive belt Spiders.
shep, here may be the easiest way to see if your car had this system.
If you contact this guy at Alfa Romeo, he may be able to find it in the build info.
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