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Installing new heater core, fan, etc.?

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I just bought a new heater core and other related parts for my 83 Spider. The job requires, I think, removing all or some of the dash.

Too much for someone with very little experience working on cars? I'm not incompetent and could do it if there are photos and steps to follow.

Job includes replacing the hose(s) too.
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I... could do it if there are photos and steps to follow.
Sounds like you are elected to submit a photo essay!

It is not as daunting as it sounds. Half the time needed is to remove the center console. The electrical connectiors are color & shape/size coded but it is still a good idea to use some masking tape & permanent marker to identify each one. Plus all those photos you're going to take for us will help, too.

With the console out, remove the connections to the instruments (again marking them is helpful) then remove the two bolts at the extreme outside ends and two wing nuts (yes, wing nuts) way up at the top. The hoses for the defroster disconnect form above (IIRC?) then the dash is manuevered out. You might also need to remove the plastic steering column surround (four screws from underneath).

P.S. disconnect the battery to avoid any chances of a short circuit.
Some photos & info here: Dash Board Removal
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