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Rebuilding 3.0L heads. Cams are RJR 429 - 11.2mm (0.438") lift.

Machine shop that did valve job is checking for sufficient travel and is reporting contact between valve seal and spring retainer after 0.430" of travel.

Using stock valve seals (originally was shipped teflon ones from Centerline by mistake - they are about 0.100" taller, so make things worse).

Valve stem height is 38.3mm from spring pocket floor to tip of valve stem, so it seems I have enough space.

All sources, including @Alfar7, tell me that stock parts should allow sufficient travel for this cam (and more).

So - perhaps the guides are set too high in head? What is the correct height of the installed valve guides, as measured from bottom of spring pocket to top of valve guide (No seal installed)? Jim K's book mentions 9mm, but he doesn't describe that dimension with enough precision for me to trust it. Can't find that dimension anywhere else on BB, although did find some great posts on this general subject (3l valve spring shim and V6 valve spring binding for anyone searching).

Machine shop is saying they can machine off the inner lip of spring cup to allow guide to be pressed further into head, but from what I see there is no interference between that lip and the guide/seal. Can't we just install guides lower without machining cup?

Any thoughts appreciated!


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