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Hi everyone!
I got all the symptoms that shows me that the injectors in my 33 Imola 1.3 IE are not working properly, probably they are blocked from the s h.i.t.t.y petrol that we run here in Albania. I have used several times injection cleaners that you add in the tank, but I don't see any changes.
They should be full of carbon deposits and other stuff.

-What shall I do?:confused:
-Is possible to clean them by yourself???How and with what?:rolleyes:

I asked around, but nobody in here brings parts for 33s, specially injectors!!!. We don't have an ALFA ROMEO dealer yet.

*An ultrasonic cleaning would be the solution of the problem but I think they don't do in here.

Just to have an idea, how much would cost 1 set of injectors for the 33 IE???

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