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Injector wiring

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Easy question...
While re-seating my plenum I somehow yanked the wiring out of one of the injector connectors that I recently replaced, and I'm not totally sure which wire goes where, as the new Bosch connector has two identical white wires. Looking at the other injectors there seems to be a pattern with regard to the stripe and the solid wire, but I just wanted to make sure that wasn't a coincidence or that somehow the #1 injector wasn't different (it IS an Alfa after all).
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Somebody must have replaced Bosch connector with one that had both wires same color. You need to verify which white wire is hooked to the red 12v power wire and be sure it goes to + terminal in injector.

The other white wire should be hooked to a double color trigger wire that goes to ECU.

See if you can get a power reading with key on to one of the two white wires using mutimeter set to >12v.

The + terminal in the injector is the one on the left side looking down at injector and to left side of keyed bosch when looking a connector from wired end.


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Striped wire to "-" terminal, solid wire (power) to "+". Sounds easy enough, and I'm 99.9% sure that's how I repaired it.

Of course I'm going to check to be sure!
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