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So I am looking to get new injectors, seals, lines, and connectors. In talking the other day with Greg Gordon he recommended the 84-89 300ZX injectors as he said Nissan used an OEM'ed L-Jetronic from Bosch and has some slightly better flowing injectors. My main questions are:

a) What have you guys done for new injectors and related parts?
b) Where can I get all of the parts online for a good price?
c) Any help on part numbers would be greatly appreciated.
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Wow, injectors must be a taboo subject... sheesh, tough crowd;)
i have the stock injectors for a great price if you'd like.

the nissan injectors work as well because they come with the hoses attached. i have those in stock as well.

as a side, i don't like doing commercial posts here but if anyone wants these injectors, i have a bunch left from projects done a couple years ago and i don't mind giving great prices on them.

Not much to comment about the injectors used in Alfas, because they have never been a problem. In all the years with the injected Alfas I've owned, I've never had a problem with them, even after 150k miles or more. Never think about them, and they've always worked fine.
relevant to the items you mentioned

>> So I am looking to get new injectors, seals, lines, and connectors.

The seals I get from DiFatta, but they're strangely pricey. You might consider getting Bosch injector seals from a BMW or M-B shop. The rubber lines for the high pressure fuel areas is a special high-pressure fuel line for injected cars, not the low pressure line from carbureted cars (although this might work for the return line, I'd use the other stuff for uniformity's sake). The 7.5mm hose is recommended (for 164 and Spiders, probably for Milano too) but I use the 7 mm hose available from VW shops and have had great results without leaks. You might have to get the 3x7 mm hose on-line, as the shop I'd found near me that carried it has gone out of business.

The connectors are a pain. There are expensive versions available for splicing in for $7-$12 per socket. Six to ten (depending on how many things you're replacing -- six for injectors plus IAC plus CTS plus....?) makes quite a price hit. The sockets are absurdly cheap on the bulk market, but it's hard to find everything at one place.

On the injector topic, I'm sorry to sound like an echo of Del, but why replace the injectors? They have a great lifetime and I've not heard of any going bad. If you're going up in displacement or supercharging, then you might need more fuel than they can supply within the available duration. But otherwise? Seems like money you'd better spend on injector connectors. Sorry I don't have part numbers.

You can get many of the small (but standard for many cars) parts from RockAuto. There's a 5% disount code posted in this forum or the 164 forum fairly often. I thing there's one up currently. They should have the injector seals listed for a suitable BMW or Merc. Sorry I don't know which model. Seals are reasonable to replace.

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Thanks guys. My car has about 45k on the rebuilt motor (186k on orig) and I have had to replace 2 faulty injectors with convenient used ones my wrench had "lying around". The screens and spray holes get clogged with over time and while you can get them flushed, it's not worth it. The plastic Alfa uses on all the electrical connectors is seriously lacking oil content and after 20 years, they're pretty brittle and sketchy IMO. In the grand scheme of things, new injectors, etc. shouldn't be that much dough. Plus I would like a little more fuel flow because it runs just a little leaner than I think it should.

While my car is not the prettiest one with nice paint... I spend most of my money on chassis and engine and I am happy with it.

Gary, I'll jet you a PM in a sec. [non-commercial of course:)]
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