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Having the air intake off the motor and correcting required repairs, next job was to clean out the air plenum, intake pipes, and tidy up the fuel rail. Replacing all the fuel hoses, new clamps, I removed injectors and sent for service. While they were off getting ultra sonic, flushed, new filters and flow tested, i cleaned the fuel rails, sanded them back and sprayed satin black. Refit the serviced injectors with new o rings, happy with result.
Gave the air plenum a good scrub, got rid of that brake fluid that was drawn in. Cleaned out the idle valve, throttle body, air and breather hoses. Then elbow grease with some Autosol and a rag on the plenum.
Cleaned out the cool chrome intakes, used a bottle brush, then polished off all the little surface rust spots to make shine Replacing all under bonnet fuel hoses, new clamps, next i installed the fuel rails back to the intakes, then fresh hose between them.
Last job was to wire in new injector plugs. Before ownership, other hands had silicone glued broken plugs to the injector. I purchased new plugs,terminals, and rubber boots.
Cut old ones off wiring loom, slip new boot on, strip original wire, clamp and solder new terminals and push into correct spot in new plug. Managed to keep original injector wire numbers on loom. Really happy with end result, also another step closer to firing.


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