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Info And Pictures Wanted For Abandoned Central Texas 6C2500 Berlinetta by Touring

I am looking for any and all information and pictures of an early postwar (the book says 1947) 6C2500 three-window Berlinetta with Touring coachwork that was featured in the book "Hemmings Abandoned Autos". The car was apparently missing its engine, bonnet, windshield, Alfa medallion and probably many other parts, and was parked near a barn or other building somewhere in central Texas. If anyone knows anything about this car, its history, current location, its factory specifications, or any pictures of it from when it was new to now, please contact me via this forum, via private message or via e-mail. I obviously don't have the serial number and am not in a position to buy or restore the car, but I would appreciate any info and/or pictures regarding this car because I like the lines and rarity of that particular variety and bodystyle of Alfa. :) My e-mail address is [email protected], and please type "Alfa Romeo" into the subject line so that it doesn't go into my spam folder.
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